BTTDM Donation Page
Welcome to BTTDM Donations page. FOR A LIMITED TIME, OUR END OF SALE SUMMER IS GOING, PLATINUM VIP IS ONLY 10$ You get VIP for the life of this community, and you will also get VIP on over 11 BTTDM servers . below you can see the tiers (levels) for donating to BTTDM. The more the merrier! Your donation goes straight to our server host to help pay for our community, as we strive to run it on the best networks and hardware to ensure awesome, lag-free and low ping for all players around the world to unite and have fun! as there's many costs to us to have such a great community! Below are the cool things you get with your money :) These packages below are for all servers. When the community introduces a new game, you will automatically get your vip there too. So your donation grows with the community :) .

Level 1 VIP ($5 USD)
If you donate $5 USD (United States Dollars) to BTTDM, you will get Level 1 VIP on all BTTDM servers! As a bonus too, 80 million more dollars will be added to your bank! Look at the bottom of this page if you only play servers 3b, 3c or 3d.

  • You are exempted (excluded) from the 2 week Inactive Player Check! (You get to keep your stuffs! ^_^)
  • Special VIP menus!
  • You join the special VIP/Admin chat!
  • $80 million is added into your in-game banking account!
  • VIP level 1 also on our Zombie, DayZ and CS GO servers and all other BTTDM servers!
  • (VIP level 1 and increase in XP)
  • Special access to the server for car resets before server opens to the public after car resets (pick over the cars before anyone else)

If you donate $10 USD (United States Dollars) to BTTDM, you will get Level 2 VIP on all BTTDM servers! As a bonus, 80 more Million dollars will get added to your in game banking account!

  • Everything in Level 1 VIP membership
  • Level 2 VIP menus! (Waaaay more than Level 1)
  • $80 million is added to your in-game banking account! (That's a lot of monies!)
  • Access to weapon lazer system (3e,3x servers only,coming soon to other servers)
  • Your very own special VIP Mansion! (supplies limited on each server or we have our own mapper that will make you a VIP mansion!
  • Early access to the servers after major resets before it re-opens to all players to have first pick of cars and houses!
  • Advanced VIP membership on all our other official BTTDM servers
  • (VIP level 2 )
  • And much much more!
You like all these cool benefits? Just donate to BTTDM and you get to enjoy them! We have over 11 BTTDM servers you will get exclusive access too :)

If you donate $15 USD (United States Dollars) to BTTDM, you will get GOLDEN VIP on all BTTDM servers, plus extra things listed below.

  • Everything in Level 1 and 2 VIP membership
  • $80 million is added to your in-game banking account! (That's a lot of monies!)
  • A free Huntley, Sultan and Infernus on ONE of our servers! (You pick which server)
  • Your own Teamspeak channel on our Teamspeak servers!
  • Your MTA's added for free! or an mta added of your choice (3e,3x or 3z,3.7 servers only)
  • Your very own BTTDM email address (
  • Advanced VIP membership on our Zombie , DayZ and all other BTTDM servers
  • (VIP level 3)
  • And many other more perks!
The Platinium VIP PACKAGE ($20 USD)
If you donate $20 USD (United States Dollars) to BTTDM, you will get platinum VIP on all BTTDM servers, and platinum VIP on our zombie survival server which includes the highest possible XP and gold coins). THIS PACKAGE IS ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $10 USD, THIS IS 50 PERCENT OFF! HURRY! FOR A LIMITED TIME!

  • Everything in Level 1 and 2 and gold VIP membership
  • - Vip Boxes.
  • +500,000 XP added in your account.
  • +150 cookies added in your account.
  • - Can drive vehicles.
  • Advanced VIP membership level 4 on our DayZ and all other BTTDM servers
  • And many other more perks!
**Important** Please convert your money to USD (United States Dollars) so the server gets the specified amount when donating. There will be more ways to donate in the future. People who donate must still follow the server rules and are still able to be demoted. No refunds if the server rules are not followed and you get demoted. Basic VIP rules are found below at the link.
Click here to read basic VIP rules!
**IMPORTANT** In order to speed up the donation process, once you have donated, Please send BlackTurbo an email message at . and include the following:
  • Unique pay-pal transaction ID you received with your donation?
  • The player name that you use on the servers?
  • What donation package did you donate for?
  • What do you want your email to be? (only if your donation package is eligible for an bttdm email)
  • What servers do you play on? (3b,3c,3d,3e,3x,3z,3.7,zombie, COD,etc) (Can be all)
  • What Server you want VIP cars in? (only if your VIP package includes them, and can only be ONE server outta the 5)
Send Mail

If you don't send me an email, the donation process takes longer because I have to track down your player name, verify your email address, etc. By sending me an email with this information ahead of time, I can speed up your donation privileges much faster. :) Keep in mind donations may take up to 24 hours to recieve perks, as donations are only handled between 10am to 10 PM eastern standard time, that is timezone of Miami, Florida,USA.

NOW ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! The Gang package ($10 USD)
If you donate $10 USD (United States Dollars) to BTTDM, you will get the gang/clan package. . .Keep in mind gang menus take a few days to make after they are ordered.THIS PACKAGE WAS 15$ USD, NOW ON SALE FOR ONLY 10$ USD!! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!

  • A board for your gang/clan on our website, which you will have moderator rights to it
  • Your own private teamspeak channel or your own private mumble voice server, for your gang/clan
  • Your own very delux gang/clan menu added to all bttdm servers